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To increase my chances of bookings, I herewith agree to 'PRESTIGE MODELMANAGEMENT GmbH, Vienna Twin Towers, Wienerbergstrasse 11/12A, A-1100 VIENNA' presenting and representing me as a willing individual to reputable customers in the fashion and advertising sectors (e.g. photographers, advertising agencies, film productions, fashion magazines, event management agencies) via the internet using my online profile/booking card for 24 months. I thus agree to the payment of an annual administrative contribution of EUR 140

PRESTIGE MODELMANAGEMENT GmbH undertakes to present and represent me immediately on receipt of the placement contract. I agree to pay the annual contribution of EUR 140 within the next 14 days. Immediately after that payment is received, I will be sent the personal password/ login for the international model portal

Prestige Modelmanagement specialises in placing photographic and advertising models aged between 15 and 80.





The agreement between the model and the agency PRESTIGE MODELMANAGEMENT GmbH (hereinafter referred to as 'Prestige Modelmanagement') covers the following services.


Placement of the individual in response to customer enquiries, and advice regarding assignments

Personal password/login for the management of images and data on the model portal

Advice, support and support for all your questions about model business

Comp card as a PDF file to be distributed

Professional online profile/booking card with a detailed presentation

Internet rental of the online profile/booking card for the entire duration of the contract

Presentation of the online profile on the internet at using a personal password

You can present and manage up to 100 photos yourself

You can amend and manage all your own personal details at any time

Picture gallery with up to 100 MB of photos

Details can be edited 24h and the online profile is visible 24h

Inclusion in the search screen (100% data protection)



This agreement is concluded for a duration of 24 months and begins on the day that the model returns the placement contract, with Prestige Modelmanagement to commence work immediately on receipt of the placement contract. 



Prestige Modelmanagement will make every effort to place the model with its customers for the purposes of reputable brochure and catalogue advertising, film and TV productions, as well as product advertising and fashion shows. Any contract (assignment) agreed after contact has been established is arranged directly between the model and specific Prestige Modelmanagement customer. Any such contract agreed between a customer of Prestige Modelmanagement and the model is not arranged by Prestige Modelmanagement, and cannot therefore be guaranteed. The frequency of assignments is dependent on demand for the particular model type, and so no concrete details can be provided. If the model receives no assignments due to a lack of demand from Prestige Modelmanagement, this is not within the sphere of Prestige Modelmanagement, which accepts no liability for any form of compensation or alternative service, in particular since Prestige Modelmanagement is required only to make every effort to place models, but not to guarantee placement success.



Offers of bookings for a model are forwarded to the Prestige Modelmanagement model by e-mail or telephone. Should the model consider the assignment to be unacceptable, the model is entitled to reject the assignment without providing any reasons. The model can therefore under no circumstances be forced to accept an assignment.



Where a model accepts an assignment from a customer of Prestige Modelmanagement, the model is obliged to fulfil the assignment as effectively as possible. Other than in the event of force majeure (accident, illness), if the model fails to attend the assignment at the agreed time, or is late, Prestige Modelmanagement is entitled to dissolve this agreement with immediate effect without providing reasons. Prestige Modelmanagement is further entitled to dissolve the contract immediately prior to the expiry date if the model is in breach of important terms and conditions of the contract.



Prestige Modelmanagement permits models to work for other model agencies and accept their assignments, or reputable assignments which the model has arranged personally.



The model expressly consents to the online publication of his or her photos and details for customers of Prestige Modelmanagement at, or on any other website operated by Prestige Modelmanagement. However, Prestige Modelmanagement undertakes to treat the model's details in confidence, and to make these visible only to its customers. This is in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.



The court of jurisdiction is Linz / Austria



By returning this form, the model confirms that he/she has read and agrees with all the articles of the contract.



Additional agreements and amendments to the agreement are not valid unless they are made in writing, and must also be rescinded in writing.



In the event of a successful placement, the model does not pay a separate booking fee, meaning that the full booking payment is paid to the model. The booking fee is dependent on the assignment. You can expect to receive between 400 and 700 euro per day and assignment. In addition to the booking fee, the customer will reimburse the model for all expenses incurred (e.g. actual travel costs, any overnight accommodation required incl. one companion, plus other expenses).



A legal guardian must accompany models under the age of 16 to the confirmed assignment, and must be in attendance throughout the assignment.



The annual administration contribution for the services defined under § 1 is just EUR 140



The model is personally responsible for the selection of photos. We recommend using only highly respectable, flattering or professional photos (taken by a photographer, assignment photos, good photos you have taken yourself). The model agrees not to present any naked photos. Respectable underwear shots and attractive bikini photos are of course permitted.



The model agrees to pay the EUR 140 fee for placement via the online portal at within the next 14 days.



The agency Prestige Modelmanagement GmbH will be obligated to start immediately with the presentation and placement of the model at the model’s own request after receipt of the agency contract and to perform all services completely in accordance with the contract.

Clients who are consumers have the right to rescind a remote sales/agency contract concluded outside of offices within 14 days without specifying reasons. The rescission period will commence upon the date of conclusion of the contract. However, the consumer will not have a right of rescission where the agency Prestige Modelmanagement GmbH started with performance of the contractual services before expiration of the rescission period and then fully performed the services at the consumer’s own request. 

In order to exercise his right of rescission, the consumer must rescind the contract in a clear rescission declaration by mail or e-mail, stating his name, address as well as the booking code. The deadline will be deemed to have been duly met where the declaration is sent in good time before expiration of the 14-day period.

By mail to:  Prestige Modelmanagement GmbH, Vienna Twin Towers, Wienerbergstraße 11/12A, A-1100 Vienna


By e-mail to:

Where the consumer exercises his right of rescission and services were performed before expiration of the rescission period by Prestige Modelmanagement GmbH at the consumer’s request, he will be obligated to pay adequate remuneration for the services performed up until that time.

The right of rescission is also being granted to clients who are not consumers, but in this case the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 49 Euros in addition to the adequate remuneration. 




As soon as payment of the administration contribution is received, the model receives an e-mail containing the password/login for the online portal