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"Do you have questions? Find the answers here!"

After more than 15 years in the model business, and thousands of introductions, our team has naturally amassed a wealth of experience. We have been through a lot, seen a lot, and tried to manage everything as effectively as possible. At the same time, that's a definitive advantage for you. So we have taken our time, and created something special.
We have put some of the most frequently asked questions about the model business, and answers, on our platform for you. You may well find some of the answers to questions that have been occupying you for a while.
But if there is anything else you want to know, you can contact our support at any time. Send us your question. We'll be delighted to answer you.





I would like to register my child with Prestige Kindermodels. What happens with these details?

I would like to register my child with Prestige Kindermodels. What happens with these details?
Each member can view only their own personal details. Your personal details (address, telephone number, e-mail) are not made publicly available. Clients of all type, including broadcasters and TV production companies, only receive your full details once they have agreed a binding booking with you. Your details will never be passed to third parties without your consent!

I would like to register my child as a child model. Who can apply?
All child models aged 2 to 15 who are not shy in front of a camera.

Does my child need to be exceptionally attractive?
No. Unlike adult models, child models of all types are in demand. It doesn't matter if your child is big, small, fat, thin, light-skinned or dark Clients often search for the most varied of child models. It is important that your child enjoys being photographed.

How do I apply on behalf of my child?
Fully complete the application form, which you can find under the menu point 'Apply as a model', and send it to us with a few good photos. We will let you know within one week whether we are interested in working with your child.

Does my child have to attend your agency in person?
No. Because we are a professional online agency, we only present models online.

Are there any costs associated with the application and assessment?
No. Application and review of your details and photos free of charge, and non-binding. Neither do you pay anything if, after applying and following our consultancy discussion, you decide not to work with us.

Does the agency receive commission for booking my child?
No. 100% of the fee is paid to the child model's parents.

How much can my child earn?
We cannot give you a precise sum because earnings vary, and are dependent on many factors, e.g. whether your child is booked for promotional shots, photos or film recordings, how long the photos take, how widely the advertisement will be broadcast, and many other things. (see pay/fees)

When will my child receive the first assignment?
That varies a lot. Some children get a booking almost as soon as they become a child model. For others, it may take a while depending what child model types are in demand at that particular time.

Do I need to pay travel costs for my child myself?
No. The customer pays the travel costs.

How does my child get booked?
Interested organisations and clients can see your child's face via the online profile/booking card. We sometimes also receive e-mails from potential clients looking for a particular face. If the profile fits what the customer is looking for, we send the interested customer your child's online profile and the customer decides whether your child will be the new star of his advertising campaign. If we receive a booking request for your child, we will contact you immediately, and you and your child decide whether or not you want to accept the assignment.

What is an online profile/booking card?
The online profile/booking card is the most important promotional tool available to a child model, and serves as a personal business card. We work exclusively with the digital online profile which we use to introduce your child with their photos and their personal details (age, size, eye and hair colour, etc..) via the internet to our customers in fashion and advertising. Of course, only reputable, registered customers and clients have access to these details. The annual administration fee, incl. online profile/booking card, is just EUR 140 (see general terms and conditions - sample contract)

How do I update my child's details?
You will receive a personal password/login, so it couldn't be easier to change your photos and details at any time.

Is the proposal from Prestige Kindermodels legitimate?
We work only with reputable leading companies and clients. To ensure that only reputable clients are able to contact you, our editors first check all messages and booking requests to you to ensure they are legitimate. With child models in particular, we take exceptional care to ensure that only messages and booking requests that correspond to the age of the minor are forwarded. Every booking request is discussed with the legal guardian before it is confirmed.

Clients use our platform as a research tool, and it is designed to help your child reach reputable contacts without your child's private contact details being visible or published on the internet. A professional online profile, casting appointments checked for content, and partner offers actively support you in using their own initiative to significantly increase the chances of being contacted by clients! Effectively promote your child and their application and online profile/booking profile to a number of clients who prefer to find the right child models for their upcoming projects directly via the internet!

Is my child obliged to accept every assignment?
No. Of course, only you and your child can decide the assignments you are prepared to accept, and at what fee. If you have questions about an assignment, the appropriate fee, or other questions, our service team is of course happy to help you at any time via e-mail (

Will my child receive a booking guarantee as one of your members?
Unfortunately not! A reputable agency cannot guarantee that every child will get bookings. Every client has his own ideas, and decides for himself which child to select and book. Clients often look for a particular type, or a face to suit the specific advertisement etc., so we cannot give you any guarantee of an assignment or booking; however, we do receive and handle a lot of assignments and booking enquiries for our child models via our portal.

What photos are suitable for my child's online profile/booking card?
You can add up to around 100 photos of your child to his or her online profile/booking card. It is very important that you chose the photos carefully. You should always include a portrait shot (face from the front) and a full-length photo. Photos with people other than your child on them, on which your child is wearing sunglasses, and pictures that do not give the client a full impression of your child are not suitable.

I have a new address? What should I do?
If you have moved home, any of your personal details have changed, or you have a new mobile phone number, you can update these yourself at any time using your password/login. You can manage, add to and update all other details and photos in your member area.

Register as a child model?
Child models can be registered only with parental consent, or the consent of their legal guardian. Parents are liable for any damage caused by children Prestige Kindermodels accepts no responsibility in this event.

How can I contact you?
Please use the contact form, and select the appropriate menu point for your enquiry. This will ensure we can respond to your enquiry quickly. If you have questions about the contract or a booking, you can contact us at any time by e-mail (

How does my child get placed, and do I need my own photos of my child?
Your child is presented to our customers in advertising, fashion and film via the online profile/booking card. You can put your child forward using good quality private photos, or professional agency photos.

Why is there an annual administration fee of EUR 14 ?
Because we incur high administration costs and costs for maintaining the online profile, we are unable to pay for everything up front. All the child models have a self-employment contract, and can turn down any assignment without specifying reasons. Furthermore, we cannot judge how reliable and flexible the child model and the legal guardian will be if a booking is received. Neither can we influence the frequency of placements and bookings, because it is the client who makes that decision. However, we select applicants according to their realistic chances of being placed, and try to place every child model as much as possible, because each positive placement also increases our turnover/profits.

What can I or my child get for an annual administrative fee of € 140?

Placement of the individual in response to customer enquiries, and advice regarding assignments

Personal password/login for the management of images and data on the model portal

Telephone advice, support and support for all your questions about model business

Comp card as a PDF file to be distributed

Professional online profile/booking card with a detailed presentation

Internet rental of the online profile/booking card for the entire duration of the contract

Presentation of the online profile on the internet at using a personal password

You can present and manage up to 100 photos yourself

You can amend and manage all your own personal details at any time

Picture gallery with up to 100 MB of photos

Details can be edited 24h and the online profile is visible 24h

Inclusion in the search screen (100% data protection)

How long will my child be on your books for?
To guarantee optimum collaboration, we offer you and your child an initial placement contract of 24 months. 

How much notice will my child be given before an assignment?
We give you approx. 3-14 days' notice ahead of each assignment. You can decide for each assignment whether to accept the particular assignment or not.

Where will my child be placed?
Where possible, your child will be placed close to where you live (within a maximum radius of 100 KM of your home town). If you wish, we can also place your child internationally.

Given that parents are required to accompany their children to the assignment, who pays the costs and expenses?
The client pays travel expenses, overnight accommodation and other expenses (food, drinks, etc...) for the child model and for max. two legal guardians, in addition to the pay/fee.

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